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Invisible Folder

Posted by paragdongre on March 25, 2009

Create invisible folder in windows by using following trick.

The folder will not be hidden but will be invisible to eyes as it’ll be same as background & it’s icon is like that.

Steps are bellow:-

1) Right Click on the desktop. Make a new folder

2) Now rename the folder to a unnamed one. To do this you have to hold ALT key and type 0160 or hold on Alt key and type 255. (Numlock should be on & use Numpads to enter the numbers)

3) Now You have a folder without a name.

4) Right click on the folder> properties> customize. Click on change icon.

5) Scroll a bit, you should find some empty spaces, (empty or blank icon image) Click on any one of them. Press ok.

And here we have an invisible folder.


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