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02- Microsoft Frameworks

Posted by paragdongre on June 4, 2008

.Net Framework

What is the Microsoft .NET framework?

You may be wondering why the .NET aspect of Visual Basic is so important in today’s times. In simple terms, .NET is a framework made by Microsoft so that developers can take advantage of code on the internet. Many developers through the years have developed code for their specific programming languages like C#, C++, Visual Basic, etcetera… Instead of making code over and over again, the .NET framework allows programmers and developers to use code on the .NET framework to aid in the development of their software programs. Imagine the .NET framework as sort of a file sharing program that benefits all the programmers across all the programming languages that use the .NET framework. When you program in Visual Basic .NET, you are taking advantage of a rich source of programming code that has been accumulated through the years.

What are the advantages of using the Microsoft .NET framework?

  • Code execution and deployment is made much simpler for developers.
  • Code execution and deployment is assured to be safe and free from viruses.
  • Programming models are now similar across different languages. Choosing a programming language is already up to you.
  • Programming models adhere consistently with object oriented styles.

Object Oriented Programming

Object oriented programming is a programming paradigm that makes use of objects to develop computer programs. When you objectify certain parts in a program or when you modularize it, you promote greater flexibility in overall programming. When you use object oriented programming languages, you can make objects interact with one another to accomplish goals. Instead of writing code one by one every time you make a program, you can use the previously designed objects to your advantage. The VB .NET language is one of the premiere object oriented programming languages in the market today.

In object oriented programming, objects interact with one another to produce the desired results from the programmer. This makes programming easier, less tedious, and more efficient.

Classes, Inheritance and Methods


Classes are used to describe objects. They are the overarching description of an object. For example, cat is a class that is used to describe an actual cat. If you have an actual cat named Garfield then it is an object. In the object oriented programming paradigm, it is important that you understand the difference between a class and an object. As you go on doing programming tasks, you need to understand these concepts in order to make your programming easier and much more effective.


Some classes will have subclasses. For example, if you mention the class cat then there can be a subclass lion, tiger, or cheetah. Subclasses are said to inherit the traits of its mother class. In the VB .NET programming language, objects inherit the properties of its mother objects.


Now that you are familiar with the essence of objects in object oriented programming, you should now familiarize yourself with what objects can do. The ability of an object to do something or perform a task is said to be its method or methods. If the object Garfield is of class dog and subclass house cat then it may have methods such as eating and meowing. An object in the VB .NET programming language may have one or more methods that you can take advantage of while developing your applications.

You will eventually learn how to use the several tools at your disposal in the later chapters. Once you are familiar with the core concepts of the VB .NET programming language, it will be easier for you to take advantage of the limitless possibilities before you. You will be using a lot of objects later on so make sure that you know what they are.

Microsoft SQL

Microsoft SQL stands for Microsoft Structured Query Language. The Microsoft SQL Server program uses the relational database management system. Microsoft SQL allows you to manipulate databases. Databases are basically repositories for data. If you want to store the grades of all the students in a university then you certainly need to have a database system around. Microsoft SQL also stores a lot of code that is available through the .NET platform. Stored procedures and several functions are made available for the programmer so that they could develop competitive applications quickly and efficiently. You will learn how to take advantage of the .NET codes available and the use of databases in the later chapters., Microsoft SQL Server is one of the premiere database management systems in the market today.

Getting your copy of Microsoft SQL

Now that you are familiar with the frameworks that are essential to run the VB .NET programming language, you may have to download them unless they are already installed on your computer. You can get a free copy of Microsoft SQL and the .NET framework at On the installation screen, you will be notified if there are already .NET frameworks installed on your computer. If there are no previously installed .NET programs then you may have to download the said files.






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