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08- Forms(Advanced)

Posted by paragdongre on June 4, 2008

Learn more tools available in User Form

There are several tools at your disposal on the Visual Basic Toolbox. Listed below are some of the most basic tools aside from the already mentioned label, textbox, and button.
Check out the toolbox and feel free to modify any of your user forms.
Enables the user to select or clear the associated component.
Checked Listbox
Displays a list of items with a check box on the left of each item.
Displays an editable textbox with a drop down list of permissible values.
Enables the user to pick a date and time and to display the date and time in a specified format.
Displays a label control that supports the hyperlink capability.
Displays a list where the user can select items.
Displays a list of items in one of five different views.
Masked Textbox
Uses a mask to distinguish between proper and improper user input.
Month Calendar
Displays a monthly calendar wherein the user can select a date.
Notify Icon
Displays an icon in the notification area, on the right side of the windows taskbar.
Numeric Up Down
Specifies support for transacted initialization.
Picture Box
Displays a picture.
Progress Bar
Displays the progress of an operation to a user.
Radio Button
Enables the user to select one option among other radio buttons.
Rich Textbox
Provides the user with advanced text entry.
Tool Tip
Displays information when the user moves the pointer over a control.
Tree View
Displays a hierarchical view of labeled items to the user.
Web Browser
Enables the user to browse the web through a user form.
Aside from the aforementioned tools, feel free to use the other more advanced tools on your toolbox.


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