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03- Forms

Posted by paragdongre on June 4, 2008

User Form and Toolbox

The User Form

The first thing that you should familiarize yourself with in the Visual Basic .NET programming language is the user form. The user form is the box where you can add all sorts of features. On older versions of Visual Basic, the user form has dots on it. The user form acts as a basic interactive tool between the programmer which is you and the one who will use the program.



You can add so many features and objects on your user form. These things are more commonly referred to as controls. Controls are such things like textboxes, comboboxes, option buttons, etcetera… You will learn more about certain controls in this chapter and the later chapters.

The Toolbox

Your Visual Basic program is equipped with a toolbox. You can access your toolbox anytime and manipulate your forms, controls, modules, etcetera… Simply click on a control and add it to your user form so that your user can access it when your program is run.


The controls that are going to be discussed in this chapter are the most basic. They are the label, the textbox, and the command button.


Just click on the corresponding buttons on your Toolbox to access the controls. Shown above are the respective buttons.

Labels, Textbox, Properties

The Label

The label is the way you put text on your user form. If you want your user to know what certain things are for then you have to use the label. Click on the label button and put a label on your user form.

The Textbox

The textbox is the way the user puts text on the user form. If you want an input in the form of text, number, or symbol, then you should simply put a textbox in your user form. Try putting a textbox on your user form now.

The Command Button

The command button is a control on the user form that is used to prompt action. Action can come in the form of running a code, closing an application, or simply clearing input made by a user. Click on the command button control on the toolbox and place one on your user form.


Every object that you have in your program will have properties. You can modify the properties of any object on the properties box. It is normally located in the lower right corner of your screen. You can modify attributes like the alignment, style, and labels. Modify the text that will appear on the first label that you created.





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