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Asp.Net (Always use Try..Catch..Finally)

Posted by paragdongre on November 6, 2007

Always use Try..Catch..Finally mechanism when you are dealing with scenarios which can raise an exception. When ever you bind, use a DataReader. You can also use a dataset which is disconnected in nature. The code written in Finallly block will always get executed. So we can have any cleanup routines inside the finally block. The following example, binds a DataReader to a DataGrid (DG_DblClick). In the finally block, we close both DataReader and Connection Object.

Note “Even though, .NET have inbuild Garbage Collector, it will be a good practice to close all open resources, once your task is over”


     myDataReader = myCommand.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior.CloseConnection)
     DG.DataSource = myDataReader

Catch SQLexc As SqlException
     lblStatus.Text = “Error while Generating Data. Error is ” & SQLexc.ToString()

     if Not myDataReader Is Nothing Then
     End If

     If Not myConnection Is Nothing AndAlso ((myConnection.State And ConnectionState.Open) = ConnectionState.Open) Then
     End If

End Try


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